The Right Honourable Esther McVey, the latest of 9 Ministers of State for Housing in as many years,  delivered her Speech at the RESI Convention on September 16th.  

We have already had some indications on her position around modern methods of construction but here are some key extracts from her speech, to give you a flavour of what may be to come.

“Every blade of grass must be looked at before it is changed – and it is only in the most exceptional circumstances we turn there.

Councils will receive a share of nearly £2 million to crackdown on illegal development… to help with enforcement officers, new technology and legal costs.

We need to be opening up this house building to SME’s, …bringing it to communities, bringing it to the self-build and bringing in modern methods of construction.

Cars, over the years, have gone smarter, faster, sleeker, leaner…. Our houses have to be exactly the same, replicate this change, so we can build them faster, sleeker, environmentally friendlier, cheaper and what people want.

We are going to strengthen up homeowner’s rights as well, as we consult on a future homeowners Ombudsman.

As we leave the E.U. and set about building 300,000 homes a year, we could become global leaders in the world of house building, of high-end engineering, manufacturing, 3D specification, architecture and traditional build too. 

I see, a Centre of Construction Excellence being established in the North of the country, combining all these things, so we can have a newly found industry. We can set new housing standards for the rest of the world.  A Centre of Excellence, which will be industry-led, which can deliver training, right up to high-end degree apprenticeships.

So we will be bold, we will be visionary, we will be setting the world alight as we go forward with what we can do. You are those people. You are those architects, those visionaries, who set the scene. Together we will do it.


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