Custom-build homes can account for up to 85% of new builds across the developed world, yet represent just 8% of new homes in the UK, or 12,000 per year of the 150,000 target. But could they help the UK meet housing targets by providing home buyers with a new-build home that is unique to them.

What are custom-build homes?
Custom-build homes bridge the gap between developer and self-builds, offering the chance of a more unique home that fits the buyers' lifestyle and design preferences but with the support of industry professionals. House buyers will usually choose a plot and then a design, often with options to further customise the build.

What are developers responsible for?
Developers are responsible for many aspects of the design and construction, including:

  • Providing a plot with all utilities, including sewage and high speed broadband
  • Securing planning permission
  • Health and safety on-site
  • Delivering the house to a budget, either as a frame or a complete build

How is this supported?
In 2015, the government passed the Self-build and Custom Housebuilding Act, which states that LAs in England must consider demand for custom-builds and satisfy it through granting sufficient planning permissions.

The best example of a custom-build development is the 188-hectare Graven Hill development in Bicester, currently the UK’s largest self- and custom-build development.

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