Can London Meet its Housing Targets by Building on Small Sites

The London Plan, the blueprint for the future development of the capital, is hoping to encourage smaller developers to build on sites that can be turned around faster and cheaper.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan hopes to provide 25,000 new homes a year on sites that are overlooked by major housebuilders. However, {x] for Homes and Property believes there a number of reasons why this scheme might struggle.

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Industry Calls for More Detail on Boris Johnson’s Full Fibre Plan 

Boris Johnson, who could soon be the country’s next Prime Minister, has stated he wants super-fast broadband available to “all by 2025”, eight years ahead of the government’s current target.

The government has already been floating the idea of whether developers and operators should be required to provide gigabit-capable connections to new-build home and whether it will force landlords to provide access to their properties if tenants request installation of a full-fibre connection.

These proposals seem ever more likely.

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