Last week we brought you news of a new technology that enables property transactions to take place via blockchain.

This week there's more as "property start-up BRIKCOIN claims to have developed a unique financial model to solve the affordable housing crisis while resolving the lack of liquidity in private developments."

Investors in property cannot currently withdraw their investment quickly and companies often have to sell their property assets at below market rates to return investor stakes.

James Hare, CEO of BRIKCOIN, believes blockchain technology will allow investors to liquidate their investments on global cryptocurrency exchanges, at any time they choose.

BRIKCOIN will issue 1bn tokens and have already sold 10% privately (raising over £300,000 in doing so). A further 50% will be sold publicly with funds used to invest in building affordable homes across the UK.

These homes will then be handed over to the local council on a 50-year lease and the 50-year income guarantee sold to financial institutions, who already invest in long-term, stable income assets.

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