From this winter, waste heat produced from one of the London Underground's disused Northern Line station will aid in warming homes across the London Borough of Islington.

This new system hopes to provide a more sustainable method of heat production, as well as making resident heating bills cheaper and, in turn, making London a slightly more environmentally friendly capital.

A heat pump – designed by Ramboll – will capture "waste heat" from a ventilation shaft, which currently pumps heat out at 18C to 28C. The heat captured will be further heated to 70C, to then be released into Islington's heat network, providing heat and hot water to residential properties and offices.

This is the second phase of Bunhill Energy Centre's scheme, which already helps around 700 new homes keep warm. This second phase is being run by the council in conjunction with Ramboll and Transport for London.

Read about the plans here.

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