Writing for The Telegraph online, the Housing Minister, Esther McVey has stated that "using new technologies, Brexit Britain will build the cutting-edge homes of the future".

Disappointingly, we can't tell you what "new technologies" "Brexit Britain" will make use of as that part of the minister's article is hidden behind a paywall. What we can see is that McVey reports:

"...bricks and mortar are making way for modular homes."

"In France, a family of five moved into their first 3D-printed house."

"Chinese builders erected a two-storey, 1,100 sq/m mansion with just one day of 3D printing and two days of assembly."

"Japan and Sweden are leading the way, embracing offsite construction..."

If anyone has access to the full article, we'd love to be able to share it with The Property Quarter Network, so please get in touch.

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