The Government has launched its consultation process on the introduction of legislation (via changes to Building Regulations) requiring new developments to include electrical charging points. It closes on 7th October 2019.
The government proposes the following:

By March 2020:

  • Every new building (residential or commercial) that has an associated car parking space or car park is to have a charging point for each space.
  • Every building undergoing a major renovation (with more than 10 parking spaces) must install the necessary cabling for charging points to be introduced at a later stage.

By 2025

  • All existing buildings with more than 20 car parking spaces must have a charging point.

The estimated cost of installing a charging point for a new build is £976, rising to £2,040 where the building already exists. There is no mention of whether developers will be able to take advantage of the existing OLEV subsidy, or if this is yet another way of costs being transferred from government to developers.

The Government is looking for feedback on whether the proposed changes to Building Regulations (annexed to the consultation paper) are clear and whether the technical specifications are adequate to achieve the intended policy aims and the costs and benefits associated with the policy.
You can read the full consultation here and respond to it here.

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